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Important Note: This web-site is still under construction at the present time!

My name is Sharon Martin and I am a photographer living in Lancashire.

My background is actually in Horticulture and whilst working in that area developed a love of taking pictures of plants and flowers., where it became apparent that I had the ‘Photographers’ Eye’.
Some time ago I was persuaded by friends to publicise my photographs so that others can share my enjoyment. 
One feature of my photography, is to keep everything as natural as possible, which may seem a little old fashioned these days with all this wonderful modern technology. However, I am of the belief that sometimes things can be just a little too perfect. Everything in nature has a little flaw somewhere. And that is what makes some things so beautiful - hence my motto:- ‘It’s in the Eye of the Beholder’.
In 2012 I made my first very tentative steps into the professional world of photography by selling my first photographs, I was commissioned to create a photographic portfolio for a business in Cumbria and later that year I agreed to be part of C-Art 2012 in Cumbria………..which proved too be an exciting year.
I know this section is supposed to be about me but,  I should really be saying 'US', as I have a daughter who is following hard on my heels and is certainly showing signs of having a flair for everything artistic, including photography. I feel it is  appropriate to include her as I am certain that she will want to contribute and in time will probably be much better than I………….. What is even more frightening, is that our youngest at the age of 6 years old decided he wanted his own camera and I don’t think I need to say more……….except watch this space!
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